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Core Values What They Mean to You

Core Values establish an epicenter around which decisions are made, actions are taken and business is built.  Everyone has core values, whether they realize it or not. Corporations are the same way.  The challenge with companies is being sure that every employee eats, breathes and sleeps the core values of the corporation.  Without this process, Core Values are nothing more than a poster gathering dust.

It is up to the leadership of any organization to determine what their Core Values are, or what should be important to them as suppliers to their customers. These Core Values should go beyond the normal expectations of any employee, such as hard work and honesty. These are values that are expected of any employee we hire. But to take it a step further, let’s determine what characteristics of our product and service delivery our customers will value most. We spent a lot of time coming to a consensus, and when leadership at Midwest reached a decision, we came out with the following Core Values and descriptions of what they mean to YOU as a Midwest Industrial Equipment customer:

  • The star of the team IS the team. No one person is greater than the sum of our parts. With this value, we ensure that everyone realizes that their contribution is no less significant than anyone else’s. This results in a work force that feels valued and delivers the best service to you our customer!
  • Listening with empathy and asking the right questions to ensure that we completely understand what you are trying to accomplish.  Whether it’s a service issue or a space utilization challenge, we want to be sure that each team member understands YOUR challenge. Only by truly understanding what you are faced with can we assemble a viable solution for you.
  • Many companies can meet your expectations, but few go the distance to exceed them. By doing what you expect and then taking it a step further, we will build stronger relationships based on accountability and reliability.
  • We feel that perfection can never be achieved if it is not shared as a goal by all employees. While striving for perfection in all that we do, whether it is a service call or an internal process that cuts costs, we are constantly challenging existing paradigms to deliver a better experience for you, our customer.

We believe in Core Values and what they can do for an organization.  If you haven’t established Core Values for your company, we urge you to do so.  The results can be astounding. 

If you are a company that has established Core Values and you find them similar to ours, perhaps we are a company to do business with!  Give us a call the next time you have a need for lift equipment, warehousing products, service or parts, or visit us on the Web at and give us a call at 877.366-7261.  You will be glad you did.