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Forklift Inspection Forms
Although required by OSHA we have found that many companies to not perform regular pre-shift forklift inspections. In addition to compliance, we have found that regular forklift inspections create a safer and more productive work environment as well as reduced costs. Catching small maintenance issues before they blossom into huge repair headaches helps boost your bottom line. We addressed the "how to" in last month's Feature Video.

Download, copy and distribute these forms as necessary to assist your operators in completing pre-shift forklift inspections. These were designed using recommendations from OSHA's Forklift Powered Industrial Truck eTool.

Pre-Shift Internal Combustion Forklift Inspection Form

Pre-Shift Electric Forklfit Inspection Form

To accompany these checklists be sure your operators are full trained to operate your lift equipment. Want to learn more about safety training and refresher training requirements? Click HERE to visit our Forklift Safety Training Webpage.

Remember, forklift safety is NO ACCIDENT. We want to be your partner in ensuring your forklift operators are safe and productive.