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Whether you are renting or own an aerial lift, you need to know your responsibilities while it is in your possession. This Fact Sheet from OSHA will help you understand all you need to know. (click picture to download)

Before you hire and train a forklift operator, it's very important to understand his or her level of experience and what equipment they have operated and for what period of time. Has he or she had any accidents, what was the nature, and did refresher training occur?

This form helps walk you through the process of deciding whether you are hiring a safe operator and how much ( if any) training is needed.

Forklift Safety Training

Forklift Operator Training

Proper Operator Training is not only the law, it protects your company from lost productivity due to accidents or improper inspections.  Don't get caught without the proper credentials.  Let us handle the training for you.  We will provide the appropriate site-specific classroom training to meet OSHA requirments, and hands-on evaluation with you and your operators to be sure that they meet your site-specific training requirements.

Click HERE to visit OSHA's new Powered Industrial Trucks eTool to be sure you are covering all your bases.  Then contact MidWest Industrial Equipment for the forklift operating training that you need.

Forklift Operator Training
Forklift operator training is no accident. Not only is it required by OSHA, it's just the smart thing to do to ensure a safe and productive workplace for your employees and visitors. Our forklift operator training is performed by a credible and experienced source which is extremely important to minimize liability should an accident occur.  Our Forklift Operator Training includes such topics as;
  • Principles of stability, center of gravity and capacities
  • Pre-shift inspections and procedures
  • Operating techniques
  • Safety techniques
  • Load lifting, moving and depositing
  • Pedestrian awareness
Who Should Attend Training?
Certainly there are requirements that exceed initial forklift operator training, including;
  • ANYONE that MIGHT operate a lift truck on your property for any reason, even to simply move one a short distance.
  • Anyone that has had an accident.
  • Anyone not trained in the last three years (refresher training)
  • Anyone operating equipment that they have not been trained to use
  • Any time you introduce a new process for handling or a new piece of lift equiment
  • Plant managers and supervisors